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Press Kit

Sherry Summerville 

Origin: Portland, OR 

Genre: Jazz / Contemporary 
Recording: "Sherry Summerville" 2021, Nettleingham Audio, Vancouver, Wa. 

Sherry began her professional career as a singer and performer with Carnival Cruise Lines. Her talent has taken her throughout the Northwest, East Coast, the Caribbean, and parts of Europe. She has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival, and Montreux Jazz Festival. West Coast Jazz Festivals include the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, Cathedral Park Jazz Festival and, most recently, the Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival. Sherry's wide vocal and stylistic range enables her to appeal to many.  Sherry has an innate ability to connect with audiences, creating a synergetic experience for her audience. She connects with audiences of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Combined with the boundless talent of her musical team, Sherry is guaranteed to give an unforgettable performance. She has ​performed with many of Portland's finest musicians who welcome the opportunity to play with her: George Mitchell, Dave Captein, Bobby Torres, Craig Bidondo, Jean-Pierre Garau, Bo Ayars, Kevin Deitz, Craig Snazell, Kurt Deutscher, Mark Powers, Dan Gildea, Brent Follis, Christopher Woitach, Pete Peterson, Kirt Peterson, Barbara Ayars, Christopher Baum, and Margaret Linn. 

Sherry is a woman with range, both vocally and stylistically. Sherry has a variety of shows. She is capable of captivating audiences in small intimate venues, using only a piano or trio, or entertaining to wide-reaching events with a band behind her. 
Feel free to reach out to her at: 

Here's What People Are Saying...

NancyNSherry .jpg

 Nancy Lamont Erickson

Sherry’s rich, soulful voice accompanies an energetic performance that brings joy to her audience. Her love of music shines through her wide variety of musical genres; songs that make you reminisce, clap your hands and perhaps shed a tear.
Sherry Summerville is an act
you don’t want to miss! 


~ Nancy Lamont Erickson 
Winner of the 2012 Seattle-Kobe Jazz Competition at Jazz Alley.
"A staple in the Pacific Northwest jazz scene". 

Barbara A_edited_edited.jpg

Barbara Ayars

Sherry Summerville is an exciting performer.  She puts her joy, her sorrow, and her love of singing on display for her audiences to enjoy.  Sherry is a caring person, and it shows in her performance - giving her all - all the time.  
Go see her!  
I'm sure you will agree.

~ Barbara Ayars 

Widely acclaimed
National & Commercial 
vocalist, entertainer, and vocal performance instructor, 




Bo Ayars 

Sherry is a truly talented singer and entertainer. When she performs, she lights up the venue with her energy.
No matter the genre, audiences are totally captivateed by musical charm. 

~ Bo Ayars  

Music Director, Conductor, Arranger, Pianist, and 
Music Producer.
Author of 
"1 Baton, No. 2 Pencil, 88 Keys and Liberace" 
Muscal Recollections of his work with some of the industries biggest names in showbiz; including Liberace himself.  



Linda_Sherry .JPG

 Linda Alberico 

Sherry creates an inviting atmosphere before her show even begins. She greets the audience with her energetic personality and positive attitude. As soon as the band begins to play and Sherry begins to sing you are immediately taken back to days gone by with her beautiful soulful voice. It is obvious she is having fun performing and her band is having fun as well. If you enjoy jazz music, Sherry Summerville is a must see!"


~ Linda Alberico 
  Loyal Follower  



  Steve Summers

Sherry Summerville puts on a show! When she sings, one is transformed by an entertaining experience from a truly lovely lady. 

~ Steve Summers

Editor of eDuck
Sport Magazine 



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